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My personality and character have been formed in a unique way due to my international upbringing. I was born in London UK, from there my parents moved to Botswana at the age of 3.

My parents relocated in light of business opportunities. The business environment has been my surrounding from the earliest years. It is probably the topic that was discussed 90% of the time at the dinner table.

At 11, I opened my own portfolio and did well in the .com boom; however in less than a year I learned that like the rapid growth the decline was twice as bad. Loosing most of my earnings and left only with my initial capital, and a slow market, I turned to trading options at 12. I have since then ventured into Forex and Commodities. However the portfolio accomplishes its goal of feeding my fiscal curiosity.

I lived and schooled in Botswana until the age of 8. As my parents wanted me to gain a more global perspective than the unique one that is Southern Africa, they sent me to a boarding school in the Swiss Alps.

 It was a unique experience to travel continents unaccompanied at the age of 8, but it is the very experience that fostered my love for a global perspective. I completed my high school in Toronto. While completing my high school, I would go back to Botswana during the winter and summer vacation to see my parents.

 Living by myself helped make me a self-motivated and hardworking person giving me a more determined personality at a young age.  During my visits to Botswana I saw the quality of the living conditions and was compelled to make a difference.

I did two charity projects there. One of them was a bike ride for 250km to raise $45,000 for a local hospital. The  250km was symbolic of the distance from one hospital to the other. This money went to buying medical equipment that one would consider necessary in any hospital including wheelchairs, and sterilization equipment. In a country with a 33% aids prevalence rate, adequate health care is a mandate.

My second project is a children’s park in the city of Maun. I managed to raise $500,000 to build a children’s park that included amenities such as an open air theatre, refreshment area, and other playground equipment. It is a mandate in a country where children would otherwise roam the streets and often have no living parental figure in their lives.

For this project I raised money through a charity dinner that was attended by the former President of Botswana Festus Mogae, High Commissioner of India, and Canadian Embassy. The experience from my charity work has not only made me a more socially conscious person, it has also developed my organizational skills and ability to secure capital.

I am currently enrolled in Bentley College, I was originally set to graduate in May 2011, I have since then taken measures to accelerate my education and am set to graduate in or prior to May 2010.