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Just like in progressive business schools, corporate success and corporate ethics are taught hand in hand (probably to avoid the negative publicity that comes with being the school that graduated Ken Lay of Jeffery Skilling.) My parents brought me up with the same two values and as a result I have always been fascinated by philanthropy.

As a result, I always took part in charity events from the age of 3 where I participated in a 15km walk with father to raise money for a local charity. I was still the largest fundraiser and youngest participant. I have always had a inner motivation to excel in my work.  The first charity project that I organized from scratch was a bike ride for 250km to raise $45,000 for a local hospital. The  250km was symbolic of the distance from one hospital to the other. This money went to buying medical equipment that one would consider necessary in any hospital including wheelchairs, and sterilization equipment. In a country with a 33% aids prevalence rate, adequate health care is a mandate.

My second project was a children’s park in the city of Maun. I managed to raise $500,000 to build a children’s park that included amenities such as an open air theatre, refreshment area, and other playground equipment. It is a mandate in a country where children would otherwise roam the streets and often have no living parental figure in their lives. For this project I raised money through a charity dinner that was attended by the former President of Botswana Festus Mogae, High Commissioner of India, and Canadian Embassy.