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Dynasty Ventures (Finance Department)

Job Title: Growth Analyst

Job Location: Gaborone, Botswana

Date: 05/16/2007-Now

Job Function:

-          Create feasibility report for new retail locations

-          Interact with CFO and accountants

-          Performed financial due diligence, comparative company analysis, and in-depth financial research while identifying prospective locations and different municipal economic environments

Company Description:

Dynasty Ventures is a retail conglomerate with scope of operations including Hardware, Building Materials and Grocery. They are currently in an expansion phase with revenue growth of over 100% per annum in the past two years.


Taco Bell Ontario (Accounting Department)

Job Title: Accounting Clerk

Job Location: Toronto, Canada

Date: 05/01/2006-10/01/2006

Job Function:

-          Create weekly financial summaries (Cost, Labor, Expenses, Revenue etc.)

-          Interact with employees that have payroll discrepancies

-          Report numbers to chief accountant and occasionally management

Company Description:

A company with multiple Taco Bell stores in the Canadian province of Ontario


Altmid Roll & Associates

Job Title: Legal Assistant

Job Location: Toronto, Canada

Date: 06/01/2005-09/30/2005

Job Function:

-          Organize client files (mostly transfer of title deeds)

-          Maintain Client Appointments

Company Description:

“Altmid Roll is a committed, full service law firm set-up with lawyers who are in charge of their own practices to effectively deal with client’s legal issues. Altmid Roll is equipped to handle everything from residential and commercial real estate closings, purchases and sales of businesses, corporate reorganizations and employment matters, to family and commercial litigation services.”